About Swimbait Republic

After putting over 10 years into swimbait fishing and a whole life dedicated to fishing many other lure techniques, we want to put all our experience into our lures to help to the anglers to catch bigger fish in an easier way, but also offering the highest quality of raw materials and hand craft work for the best possible price, while we ensure good margins for all our business partners.

Swimbait Republic at Big Bait Shake

How are our lures born?

First a concept or an idea clicks our brain, then comes the draw, after that a wooden prototype, and finally a lot of resin prototypes to try every possible weight configuration, bait thickness… This process is a mix of creativity and artisan skills.

Glideway 176 stages


This is one of the most important parts of the process, because even if the lure swims great on the tank, we have to ensure it performs in different conditions and scenarios, and it gets love by fish! We can take up to 2 years of field testing before releasing a product.

Glideway 176 testing


Having an amazing bait means nothing for us if we can’t make it available for everybody. We travel the world to find high quality factories to produce our creations, and we supervise personally the whole process from the shells injection up to the packing to ensure everything gets done perfectly to reach the high quality level we aim for.

Glideway 176 production

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