If you're looking for jerkbaits, jigs, worms, crankbaits... You're in the wrong place. This is all about SWIMBAITS!

Glideway 176

Glideway 176

Garage designed and worldwide tested

This is the ultimate multi-species glide bait, an authentic tank slayer that will help you to increase the quantity and specially quality of the bites in your swimbait journeys.

The Glideway 176 has been designed to trigger the bite of these smart big fish, thanks to its realistic slow moving action. It has been perfectly balanced to adopt a natural position on the stop, but also to perform perfectly under any speed or type of retrieve: from fast steady to super slow steady, side walk, twitching, heavy sweeps... It's a true freestyler!

Glideway 176

From surface to 10-12 feet, the depth of the Glideway depends on the number of Lead Stickers you stick on the lure cavities. The lure it's slow floating by itself, but fill the first cavity and it will turn into suspending. If you fill the second cavity as well it will turn into slow sinking.

The weights on this bait have been adjusted very accurate, so the buoyancy of the Glideway will depend also on the water temperature: the hotter is the water, the faster it will sink, and oppositely. The length and the diameter of your fluorocarbon leader will affect to the sinking ratio as well, the longest and thickest leader you rig, the more it will push the lure towards the bottom.

Tie your line straight to its solid ring. For a better performance make sure you don't add any snap or extra ring between the line and the solid ring.


3X BKK Trebles

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