As the nerd anglers we are, we love to customize our swimbaits! Sinkers, Spare Tails and many others coming.

Spare Tail

This is one more accessory to customize the aesthetics of your Glideway by addind a special color touch. Some days little details really make the difference and this can be one of them.

Our tails are made of tough silicon so they are difficult to deform and high resistant to toothy fish.

We encourage you to remove the tail from the Glideway before storing it back into your tackle box to avoid any possible deformation

Swimbait Republic Glideway Spare Tails
Swimbait Republic Glideway Spare Tails

Color Chart

Red Wine
Transparent Red
Transparent Brown
Transparent Purple
Green Honey

Lead stickers

Swimbait Republic lead stickers

Swimbait Republic lead stickers

The leads stickers have been designed to adjust the buoyancy of your Glideway, so you can fish different layers of water or just compensate the weather elements like low water temperature or heavy wind.

When would we like to add them to the Glideway?

  • When you want the Glideway to suspend or to sink, because it's a floating bait by itself.
  • When it's very windy, because the wind push the line and tend to bring the lure up.
  • When you're fishing from a cliff or any structure high from the water, because you're pulling the bait towards the surface.
  • When the water gets cold, to compensate the extra buoyancy of the lure (any lure will float more in cold water because it's more dense than warm water).
  • When you need to get maximum casting distance. Yes, even 3 extra grams will help you to cast longer!

To remove the Lead Stickers use the gap on the Glideway cavities to stick the treble so you can pull it out easily. The Lead Stickers can be used also to customize the weight of any other lure.

Swimbait Republic lead stickers

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